The First Online Qris Platform!

We Are First Online Qris Platform In Indonesia. Qrkita Provides The Latest Technology For Online And Offline Merchant To Boost Their Sales.


About $QRT

What is QrKita Token?

Qrkita Is Intended To facilitate Non-Cash Transactions, Encourage Financial Inclusion, Promote MSMEs, So That In The End It Can Encourage Economic Growth.
All Merchant Can Make Transactions Using QR Not Only Wholesalers But Also Small Traders Such As Meatball Sellers, Vegetable Sellers And Others Throughout Indonesia.
And Finally, Our Initial Token Offering / ITO Crowfunding Platform Based On Existing Project As A Bridge Between Fiat And Crypto Community All Around The World.
  • First Project Already Running, Sales Revenue Over 230 M IDR, Over 2500 Transaction in 14 Days, Check The Data
  • Get Passive Reward From Every Transaction
  • Get Deviden For Each Project Regulary Just By Hold Their Token
  • Many Upcoming Real Project Will Be Enable In Our ITO Platform
Submit Merchant And ITO Project
Reward Ecosystem

QrKita Token Publish Sale

QRT Will be launched on Cex And Dex after the whole Publish Sale is completed.

Publish Sale will start in

Soft Cap 1000 $BNB Hard Cap 2000 $BNB
We accept $BNB and $USDT

Token Sale

Thank you for your interest in the QRT Token, our sale will be divided in 2 phases.

Phase 1: Private Sale

  • Passed  up to 0% bonus
  • 10,000,000,000 QRT

Phase 2: Publish Sale

  • Passed  up to 0% bonus
  • 30,000,000,000 QRT

Running Project

Start Project at June 2021

20++ Total Merchant Joined

230 M++ IDR Sales Revenue in 14 days

Over 2500++ Total Transaction

QrKita Token Ecosystem

Focussing on the merchant system reward and building our own ecosystem.

Safe and Secure

Anti Whale

Transfer more than limit of the total supply will be rejected (Max Tx Amount).

Instant Exchange

Auto Liquidity

Every Transaction Contributes Toward Automatically Generating Further Liquidity.

Strong Network

Holder Reward

Static reward. Holder Will Earn Passive Reward From Every Transaction.

Mobile Apps

Partnership & Charity

Partnerships Wallet and Charity Wallet.

Margin Trading


Burn To Reduce Inflation And Maintain Token Price.

  • Cost of $QRT (Phase 2):


  • $QRT Available: QRT

  • Sale Duration:

    Until 27 October 2021

  • Token Lock duration:

    No Lock

  • Secured Ways to Purchase $QRT:

    $BNB (Bep-20), $USDT (Trc-20), IDR

  • Minimum Purchase Amount:

    20 $USDT


Road Map

What we'll be up to in 2021


Frequently Asked Questions

Our tokens are distributed max 5 days after the presale finishes, Liquidity will be locked for 1 year.
Qrkita will add liquidity about 70%
Burn will scheduled manually.
Even if the presale doesn't reach the sales target, we will still continue the project because the main project is already running.
As you already know, apart from, we also have, by building a shared ecosystem, we are optimistic that our token will be able to compete with other tokens, we are also planning to develop the token to have other features.